Print pharma ads perform better than the TV ads ?

A recent study from Affinity on consumer reactions to pharmaceutical advertising showed that recall rate with TV ads are less compared to the print ads.

Affinity surveyed 4000 respondents after showing them direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads. The recall rate with TV ads was 36% when compared to 50% in case of print ads.

Survey also checked the same recall rate in groups of people with and without medical ailments. The recall rate in people with that specific medical problem had a significantly higher recall rate. For example, 43% of people who suffer with osteoporosis recalled a TV ad for Fosamax Plus D compared with only 19% of non-sufferers.

Another interesting finding was the recall rates were higher among females compared to male counterparts.

Other key findings:

More than eight out of ten consumers (81%) believe that prescription drug commercials should also highlight the potential risks and side effects of the advertised medication.

More than four out of ten consumers (41%) believe that TV commercials are a good way to learn about new prescription drug medications.

One-third of consumers (33%) report that after viewing specific DTC commercials, they were better equipped to talk to their own doctor about potential treatments.

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Source :
Media Daily News