Welcome to my 'Pharm House'

Hi Friends,

Welcome to my new blog ‘Pharm House’. Of late I am feeling guilty for my favorite pastime ‘blogging’ has become a distraction. I am finding myself living in stone ages when my career area of “Clinical Pharmacology” is forging ahead. I had to do something about this. Quitting the blogosphere for few weeks left me terribly bored. So, I am here. I intend to gel my academics with my hobby.

The title is a contribution from my insti where I am pursuing post grad. In our department we identify ourselves as ‘inhabitants’ of a beautiful ‘Pharm House’. I have picked that phrase for the title of this blog and plan to extend the ‘Pharm House’ family here on blogosphere.

‘Pharm House’ is all about that wonderful world of Clinical Pharmacology. I hope to bring you the updates on all the stuff freshly brewing out there in Clinical Research, Pharmaceutics, Bioethics, Biostatistics and also some fun to keep it going.

About me, I am a postgraduate student in Pharmacology in a reputed institute. After doing this & that, here & there, finally I landed up in Pharmacology and needless to say, got hooked to its charms.

To all those prospective ‘inhabitants’, Welcome to ‘Pharm House’. Enjoy your stay here.



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