Pfizer to promote ‘International language of Viagra’

A new series of Viagra commercials are getting screened in Canada, produced by Taxi for Pfizer Canada. Viagra commercials always attract attention, it may be the infamous ‘exercise’ commercial or the award winning ‘viagra-logo-appearing-on-the-mouth-to-censor-the-words’ commercial.(that was also by the same ad agency Taxi)

I didn’t happen to see these latest series. I did get the snapshots, and the conversations. After going through them, I can say, lot of creativity & thinking has been put into it. In these commercials mostly middle aged people talk in some ‘gibberish’ language and the only recognizable word being ‘Viagra’. Ad ends with the display of diamond shaped, blue colored Viagra tablet and the concluding line “International language of Viagra”

Concept is good. Reinforcement of the brand and trademark of Viagra is impressive. The selection of artists and the common places like park, coffee shop, bowling alley makes it more appealing. One doubt I have is, whether the viewers get irritated by gibberish language for long? First viewing OK, but what about repeated viewings? The choice of Gibberish sentences is good. They sound humorous if not hilarious. For example check this,
“Viagra spanglecheff?” asks one to another chap “Spanglecheff?” he questions back. "Minky Viagra noni noni boo-boo plats!” the first man replies, with an understandable grin.

It successfully crawls under the regulations for Pharma ads in Canada and still has the impact. Canadian regulations allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise their brands on television, but they are forbidden to discuss what the medication does. This campaign gets around the rules by showing people using a made-up language to talk about what happens after people take the pill. The only discernible word in each conversation is "Viagra.".

Most of the countries around the world have strict regulations on Pharma ads which have made the public advertising in Pharma, a challenge.

This new brand awareness campaign comes in the wake of decreasing revenues from Viagra. Who knows? consectetuer adipiscing elit. Fusce justo. Pellentesque porta nibh ut massa. Aliquam erat volutpat. Vestibulum ornare...... Just trying to be gibberish... thats what seems to be the mood of the day.
Seeji, Pharm House