First Directly acting Renin inhibitor (Tekturna) gets FDA nod.

Novartis gets the FDA approval for Tekturna, first ever direct acting renin inhibitor. Novartis has a reason to smile now after suffering a setback last week when the approval for Galvus, itz DPP-4 inhibitor got delayed.

This marks the introduction of a new class of drug in the treatment of hypertension after over a decade. New group of direct renin inhibitors are hypothesized to be the best agents for combination therapy. Inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system is an effective way to intervene in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and renal complications in hypertension. The introduction of tekturna makes an absolute breakthrough. The other advantage with tekturna is its duration of action. It has a comfortable once daily dosage.

According to the press release by Novartis, Tekturna is expected to be in the Pharmacies in US by the end of this month.

When you compare direct rennin inhibitors with ACE inhibitors, the former supposed to have a low frequency of adverse events. Tekturna may be not as potent as ACE inhibitors. But will be the best choice for combination therapy.

According to a lancet review by Staessen et al. in 2006, renin inhibitors offer additional safety for patients with cardiovascular disease and concomitant renal dysfunction, because they are preferentially eliminated via the liver
without much interference with other drugs. Like ACE inhibitors, renin inhibitors behave as vasodilators with the potential to improve the elasticity of the large arteries. Conversely, they are likely to be subject to the same contraindications as ACE inhibitors and angiotensin-receptor blockers, such as pregnancy and bilateral renal-artery stenoses.

Feels like Fresh air breezing in after so many disappointments in the recent past… Celebration time at Novartis !!!.


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    The generic name is Aliskiren.

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