Dr Peter Rost signs out

Last week of February Pharma blogosphere witnessed the signing out of Dr Peter Rost from blogging. I was a regular at his blog.

Now his best seller book "The Whistleblower" all set to become a movie. He determines concentrate on that work and to make it another ‘The Insider’, a film about tobacco whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand, with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe in leading roles, which was nominated for seven academy awards, including best picture.

In his last post, he writes

” So with that it is time for me to say goodbye; I need to focus on the creative process.

Thank you for coming here, I wish you well and I'm grateful for the time you've spent reading my blog!


Curiously he was equally famous for his Pharmaceutical news and other not-so-pharmaceutical news. The evidence surfaced in the recent Pharma blogosphere survey. One of the reason why people visited the ‘whistleblower’ was “he posts hot chicks in his blog” !!!!! He has also painfully confessed once that 90% of his blog traffic came searching for those posts.

Good Luck Dr. Rost … We will miss you…We will look forward for a masterpiece movie from you.



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