Help Us Go To School (HUGS India)

This is a group of and for enthusiasts, interested in making the world a better place, one little step at a time. Talking of little steps, we currently distribute footwear for our little children (in India) ..........

(1) in a bid to encourage them in attending school (How often have we seen children skip along the hot roads to school, many on empty stomachs!) and........

(2)with an aim to promoting better health, in general, and reducing the impact of soil borne infections, in particular.

We also impart health education at the various points of contact with the target population. Medical camps will be conducted. We will diversify according to needs, as and when resources permit. Our Trust is registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu, India (2004/2007).

For a mere 50 rupees (around 1$) per child, we realized that we could make a significant difference. If you are interested to know more about the organization or would like to contribute by donating your money, time or expertise -

visit HUGS India

Basanth (For the HUGSINDIA team)

PS: I will be writing for 'Pharm House' as a Guest blogger for next few months.