Wiser Wiki ; A medical wiki site

Elsevier has launched a medical wiki website, in similar lines to the acclaimed wikipedia. This wiki site will be catering to the needs of Practicing Physicians and students. There is a need for a platform for medical personnel to collaborate and contribute medical information.

WiserWiki is a wiki that will allow accredited physicians to comment, collaborate and update medical information online and is viewable by everyone. The site was originally seeded with content from John Noble’s “Textbook of Primary Care Medicine” (3rd Edition).

Wiserwiki is online currently in its beta version. The provisions of registering and editing the contents are restricted only to the registered medical practitioners. Such restrictions make the contents more authentic and reliable.

We congratulate the Elsevier team for this initiative.

Seeji, Pharm House


When Wikipedia is a complete no-advertisement site, I did observe the google ads in WiserWiki. (Wikipedia is currently, desperately looking out for donations) May be the ads are essential to run the site without financial constraints and will help the people if the ads are contextual.

WiserWiki team explains

"We do not currently expect to generate a significant amount of revenue on WiserWiki and hope to use the proceeds to recover the costs of operating and managing the site. The advertising is meant to be unobtrusive and of value to users who are interested in the content of the wiki."

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