Switch from Lipitor to Simvastatin, study results : Pfizer goes ecstatic

Check Pfizer's news release today.

They have quoted an observational study done in UK which showed that "switching patients from Pfizer’s Lipitor Tablets to simvastatin was associated with a 30 percent increase in the relative risk of major cardiovascular events, including heart attacks, strokes and certain types of heart surgeries, or death compared to patients who remained on Lipitor therapy". And Pfizer promptly takes up the study and posts it as a press release.

What is the problem here??

Problem lies in the fact that, it is already a proven thing. Everyone knows that Atorvastatin (Lipitor) is better than Simvastatin. There are no surprising results here. It has been shown long back in 1996 (
Dart A et al) and confirmed in subsequent studies.

I could not get the present observational study article.... According to the release, it is in press in BJC. I am waiting for that article to come in print.

The message from Pfizer now may vaguely translate to "Switch to generic Zocor and die" as pointed out by
Pharmalot. Is it a desperate attempt from Pfizer to recover the declining market share of Lipitor??

Seeji, Pharm House

Reference article: Dart A, Jerums G, Nicholson G et al, Am J Cardiol. 1997 Jul 1;80(1):39-44.


  1. Anonymous says

    i c no prob. their duty 2 give info on their product anyway