Nominate this Indian Doc for the Darwin Award… Please !!!

Pharm House is a blog which is supposed to revolve around issues concerned to drugs n Clinical research stuff. But I cant resist posting about this indian surgeon who has just proved how stupid one can get.

Darwin award committee starts considering alive people, then he can easily win one atleast a honourable mention. What on earth made him to think, he can get away after allowing his 15-yr old medically unqualified son to perform a Cesarean section.

doctor couple fromTamil Nadu, India, allegedly tried to get their 15-year-old son into the record books by allowing him to perform a caesarean operation on one of their patients. To prove his stupidity, he recorded the whole procedure and proudly screened it in a local IMA (Indian Medical Association) meeting. Thankfully and understandably now he is booked on several criminal cases for this adventure. The chances are very slim that he will come out clean and start his medical practice again.

I wonder, being a doc he is expected to sport a minimum common-sense. Are Indian patients are so easy scapegoats for any jerk to make records endangering their lives?

With the strong Law enforcement and media coverage, it is a clear suicide attempt on the doc’s part.
Medical Council of India will strip him off his medical license once he gets convicted. He has removed himself from the medical fraternity in such stupid and humiliating manner. He deserves one 'Darwin Award' Except that he is not dead (they won’t hang him for this), he qualifies in all other criteria for one.

Seeji, Pharm House