Uniform Drug Pricing : A failure ?

Govt of India recently came up with the initiative of uniform pricing of drugs to overcome the hidden drug costs in the name of ‘Local taxes’. But reports observe, this step seems to be a failure. After the implementation of new pricing system, consumers are paying out more because of soaring drug prices.

Times of India has an article
“Uniform drug pricing fails to help consumers”

Article also mentions some representative examples

Experts said manufacturers have hiked the retail prices of their popular brands over and above the sum payable as local taxes. Some examples are: price of Nise (nimesulide) of Dr Reddy's has shot up from Rs 27 to 32 — an increase of 18.5%, while the price of Relant (cetirizine and ambroxol) has increased by less than 9% to Rs 38.85.

In case of Ranbaxy's Storvas (atorvastatin) the price has increased from Rs 80 to 84.84 ie by 6%, and Covance-50 (losartan) by over 20% to Rs 60.45. Novartis has increased the price of Voveran SR (diclofenac) 100mg from Rs 49.30 to Rs 57.50 ie by 16%.

The price of Betacard (atenolol) marketed by Torrent has increased by 18% to Rs 38, while price of Alprax (alprazolam) has gone up by 7% to Rs 37.35

Seeji, Pharm House