Introducing a new contributor to 'Pharm House'

I’m very much pleased to introduce a new contributor to ‘Pharm House’. ‘Jhilaam’ has been a regular visitor to ‘Pharm House’ for a longtime now. Here onwards she will be writing blog posts at ‘Pharm House’

‘Jhilaam’ , is a Physician (MD) currently specializing in Clinical Pharmacology. She is from north-eastern part of India. She is interested in Clinical Trials, Clinical research ethics and the Pharma world. She is a good writer and a nice person to converse with. ‘Jhilaam’, the name supposedly refers to a river (as told by her, I haven’t cross-checked!!). Let us wish that she continues to write for ‘Pharm House’ perennially like the river.

Readers, give her a big blog welcome.

Seeji, Pharm House.