Pharmacy Council of India’s move to appoint Pharmacy Inspectors

Pharmacy Council of India through its Pharmacy act moves to empower state councils to appoint qualified Pharmacy inspectors. This may turn out to be a good development in maintaining the Good Pharmacy Practices.

Pharmabiz has an editorial, 'Appointing Pharmacy Inspectors' on this new development.

The Pharmacy Act empowers the state pharmacy councils with the sanction from the
state governments to appoint pharmacy inspectors having prescribed
qualifications. The Act also authorizes the inspectors to inspect premises where
drugs are dispensed, to enquire whether persons engaged in dispensing are
qualified and to act against any violation of the
Both the Pharmacy Act and Drugs and Cosmetics Act
emphasise the need for presence of a qualified person at the counter while
dispensing medicine. But this statutory requirement is more violated than
complied with, as most of the medical stores in the country are not owned by
pharmacists but by traders
What is important is how effectively
this plan of appointing inspectors and conducting inspections will be carried
out at the state levels. A lot of support from the state governments will be
required for making this attempt of the Pharmacy Council a success.