Doctors can get Green Card to Migrate to USA !!

This post is written in a 'lighter vein'. Not intended to hurt anybody.

Today I came across this mail through a Job site. Hilarious!!!!

I had registered in one of the popular jobsites long back and never bothered to check those job alerts. Today this headline caught my eye and when I read the whole mail, I was ROFL-ing. Hilarious stuff.

Now thats what I call a perfect 'backdoor entry'. I know of other routes like taking up MPH, PhD etc. and then giving USMLE and shifting back. That’s how they can bypass the stringent VISA requirements for doctors. Also the wacky 'getting married to an American citizen'. .. Sheesh !!!….

This is absolutely a novel one. and supposedly the 'EASIEST' one (According to the e-mail sender)

When the Indian rural areas are experiencing an extreme inadequacy in healthcare workforce, our 'Doctor saabs' planning for an exodus at any cost. Pathetic!!!

I replied back "Thank you for the mail!! You made my day!!!”

Read the mail attached below. Names of persons and institutions are avoided for obvious reasons.


Doctors can get Green Card to Migrate to USA !!

Dear Doctor (s):

This is xxxx yyyyy, Business Manager for the Mumbai office of XXXXX . XXXXX is a 7 year veteran in the profession of Immigration Solutions, Education Consulting and International Placements.

We, at XXXXX , came across your C.V. over the internet on After reviewing your work profile, we stand pleased to inform you of our new and exciting opportunity for Doctors to migrate to USA (through a novel rout! e) with a GREEN CARD.

Does that not sound very enticing? It surely does ... So please read on!

XXXXX are business partners of XYZ University, located in Russia. We pen
this mail as an invitation from XYZ University to study a 1 year nursing diploma program. This program is duly recognized by the Ministry of Health, government of Russian Federation. On successful completion of the course, you can write the CGFNS exams and go to USA along with your family as NURSE with a GREEN CARD. While working in the USA as a Nurse – you may write USMLE exams and start practicing as doctors.

USA has a great demand for nurses and the US government has allotted 50,000 Green Cards for Nurses recently. The salary for nurses in USA is very high and US hospitals are on an earnest lookout for people from Asia and Africa to fill their work places.

XYZ University, Russia offers a 12 month Nursing diploma program which is also recognized by CGFNS as equivalent to first level nurses and eligible to take the CGFNS exams and NCLEX exams (US Nursing bodies).

Indian doctors are already enrolled for such programs in Russia; and there are around 350 Doctors studying in The ABC Nursing centre, in the Philippines. This is a 2 year program offered in the Philippines. [Refer related article ] FFFFF International University in Florida has also started a similar kind of program and they have received around 500 applications from doctors all over USA. Our program is thus highly competitive in terms of tenure and pricing!

We offer a one of a kind program with only one year duration. After the
successful completion of the program and passing the NCLEX / CGFNS, the students are offered placements through our affiliations in the USA. Once the doctor is in USA he / she can prepare & achie! ve success in his / her United State Medical Licensing exams in USA and practice as a doctor in the USA eventually.
This has emerged as the EASIEST route for
professionals to enter the USA and work as DOCTORS.

If what you have just read interests you, please make us aware soon so we can book your seat immediately. The next batch starts in the end of March 07 and the following batch in the end of September 07.

To initiate proceedings, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you soon to make the most of this opportunity available to you. To know more about us – kindly visit or call on 022 - xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Best Regards:

xxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyy
Business Manager

PS: If any of you are considering this 'NOVEL' and 'EASY' route, feel free to mail me. I will forward you the details.

Disclaimer : This post is written in a 'lighter vein'. Not intended to hurt anybody. (In fact, I would have been the first one to apply if I had seen this during my 'days of desperation').


  1. Digitaldoc, MD says

    True that - there are plenty of ways International Docs can make it to the USA and work as docs eventually - and others are cashing on that - on the lighter vein, the marrying to a American Citizen is often referred to as the transvaginal green-card ..LOL !! (surely a male chauvinistic term)

    Seeji says

    @Digital doc

    Hey Digital doc, Welcome to my blog. I knew of the 'trnsvaginal' route... Surprisingly a significant fraction from my med school batch took that route... It worked out well, coz they landed up in good residencies before other conventional players... !!!!

    Anonymous says

    yeah, I had an application for green card. Actually there are many many way to USA.
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    David Paulson says

    There is an attorney practicing in New York that is excellent and provides a lot of attention. He was great for my case and he even came to my house in a snowstorm. I am a pediatric nephrologist and he got me a green card. His website is

    Indian says

    Hi, you might really laugh out louder but seriosly this looks like a VERY GOOD CARRER MOVE IF IT WERE TO BE TRUE. Could you pls forward the original invite mail to me please..